Charlotte Snake Removal & Control

We run a professional snake removal company in Charlotte, NC. We specialize in the humane and permanent removal of snakes from buildings and property. We never use poison, and instead trap and remove the animals. We also perform home repairs to keep snakes out of your house in the future. Give us a call at 704-288-0478 seven days a week, and we will schedule a fast appointment to solve your snake problem.

Snake Repellent - While one of the most common reptiles on earth, the reality is that most people do not like snakes. They do not like them in their yard, in their garage, in their shed, and most certainly do not like them in their homes. While most are perfectly harmless, that does not mean they are welcome visitors. Snakes look creepy and many openly fear them.

While this may seem irrational to some, there is good reason to fear snakes. Some are quite poisonous and can be a serious danger to you, your family or your pet. Some snakes can kill with one bite, so having them as far from your home is a sensible thing to do.

If you live in an area where snakes are known to inhabit, then you are fully aware that it does not take much for them to find a home on your property. A small opening in your porch, a pile of cut down branches or a tarp left out in your grass can become the ideal home for these reptiles. So keeping them away may be a bigger challenge then you may think.

If you are looking to keep snakes away from your home, here are a few repellants you may find that can really get the Charlotte snake control job done for you.

There are actually quite a few commercial brands you can do that will do the trick. The choice you opt for will depend mostly upon the active ingredient that is used to repel the snakes. The most commonly used ones contain naphthalene, a compound one would find in mothballs. This is quite effective and will keep snakes away better than most other products. There are problems with it however.

There have been many studies done that show that naphthalene can be hazardous to both humans and animals, which can endanger your children, pets, or neighbors. Yes, you may rid the snakes from your property, but you have to ask yourself at what expense you are willing to do this. The EPA has also classified naphthalene as a known carcinogen, meaning it can cause cancer. This may mean you decide to opt for repellants that contain this ingredient.

There are other known commercial products that work effectively without using this chemical. Liquid Fence is one of the most common and successful options for Charlotte North Carolina snake removal. Truthfully it does not work as well as those that contain naphthalene, but it does not contain the same kind of ingredients that pose a threat to your family and pets. These kinds of products prove near 99 percent effective, and in the battle to keep snakes away that may be all you need.

You can also purchase ultrasonic sound emitters that will do the job as well. These devices emit a sound pulse that snakes find offensive and flee to avoid. They are a good option, but you should be aware that they can cause the same kinds of irritations in your own pets. This may mean that Spot or Fluffy will find the sound equally annoying and run from your home to avoid it, never to return. You also need to be able to set the pulse so it covers your entire property and that can be a real challenge.

Many turn to other natural forms of repellants to do the job. As we mentioned previously, mothballs are the most commonly used option because they work. Snakes don’t like the smell and when they hazard onto your property through the mothballs they absorb the naphthalene and die. It is a great option that works, but it does come with dangers. You really should only use this if you have a larger property where you can control where your children and pets go.

Another common choice is predator urine. Animals like coyotes, bobcats and lynx will track and eat snakes. The reptiles are well aware of the smell of these predators and will do what it takes to avoid them. This can work to your advantage. You can buy these animals’ urine and put it around your property. This will keep the snakes away for sure.

You should also be aware that it may keep away your friends and families as well. These are extremely strong smells that snakes may not be the only ones who find offensive. This means that your loved ones may decide that your home is not the best option to visit and keep away from your property. Note: For those who are looking to rid their homes of snakes and in-laws predator urine can be purchased at many pet stores or on-line.

Sulfur is also a common repellant that can be used. This element has a very bad smell that snakes do not like and will avoid. Place some of this in little chips around your property and you should see that the snakes will avoid your property for sure.

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