Charlotte Rat Removal & Control

Rat & Mouse Control: Rodent control is often complicated work. We solve the rat or mouse problem permanently, unlike other wildlife and pest control companies. We don't just come to your property and spread some poison around. This won't solve anything, and in fact, will likely make the situation worse, with dead smelly rats in the building, and new ones entering at will. We solve the problem by sealing off all points of entry, and trapping and removing all rodents. Rodents breed quickly, and will keep coming - only when they've all been sealed out, does the problem stop.

We run a professional rodent removal company in Charlotte, NC. We specialize in the humane and permanent removal of rats from buildings and property. We never use poison, and instead trap and remove the animals. We also perform home repairs to keep mice and rats out of your house in the future. Give us a call at 704-288-0478 seven days a week, and we will schedule a fast appointment to solve your rat or mouse problem.

How to Kill a Rat - Rats are a horrible house guest. They are not interested in quietly invading your home and living there rent free without you knowing about it. No, they not only want to make your life miserable, but they want you to know all about it. We specialize in Charlotte rodent extermination, but we don't poison the rats. We solve the problem by sealing shut all entry holes into your house, and trapping the rats.

Rats are some of the biggest believers in the idea of strength in numbers. When they live someplace, it is not just one or even a few of them. In fact it can be tens, hundreds or even thousands of these hideous little creatures. They know that the more of them that there are the harder they are to get rid of, so getting them out of your home can be quite the chore simply because there will likely be quite a community of them.

Adding to the challenge is that it may be difficult to find them. Rats don’t put up a shingle that says “Welcome” on it so you know where they live. They live in places that make them hard to find, like walls, your attic, in sheds and between floors. This can make the job of trying to find them most unsettling, so if you are going to get rid of this brood you have to be as covert as they are in the means you use to get rid of them.

While the community makes them a challenging foe, it also works to your advantage. What one does the group is prone to follow, meaning you have a real chance to do some damage against these guys if you are smart in how you do it. It just requires a little moxie on your part and a willingness to do some work once your plan has succeeded. Our rodent removal methods are the most effective in Charlotte North Carolina.

Some enjoy the direct hunt for rats. Searching for them and rooting them out where they live, then killing them through some more personal means. This sounds like a great plan if you are hunting deer, but to hunt rats like this just doesn’t work. There are usually too many of them spread out all over, and if you spook the nest where they are living they may just run all over your home. This can make your problem much worse.

The solution is that you have to use means to kill them that make it look like they are getting something they want. That means either poisons or traps. We choose traps for Charlotte rat removal.

For traps there are three main kinds to choose from. The first one is the common looking mouse trap that closes on them when they step on the trap to get the bait. All of us recognize the mouse looking one, but the rat one is slightly different. A mouse trap will annoy but not likely kill a rat simply because it does not have enough force. The rat kind has a very powerful bar that clamps down and kills the rat. You then go and pick up the trap with the dead rat in it and throw it away. This is a very easy thing that only requires you to buy traps and throw them away.

A new kind that is becoming very popular is the glue trap. In this kind of trap you lay down the trap like a piece of paper, but it is actually a very durable material with a strong adhesive on it. The rat steps on it and cannot get free. There is a small poison in the glue that seeps into the rat’s skin and eventually it dies. This also requires you to throw away the traps after you have caught your rat.

Your primary concern with these two traps is to keep pets away from them. Your dog or cat can be hurt or killed by these traps just as easily as the rat can.

The last two ideas use poison. One is to simply lay out poison cubes that can be carried back to the nest by a rat. All will partake of the poison and soon die. Then your problem is solved – sort of. This is actually not our Charlotte rat exterminator method.

The other is you can buy cardboard box traps that have the poison in them. The rat crawls into the box and starts to eat the poison. It dies in the box and you simply throw away that box after you have killed a few.

Both of these are great but they come with drawbacks. The first gives you the most bang for your buck, but the problem is that if you do not know where the nest is, then you have a bunch of dead rats decaying in your home. Not the most sanitary of options. The second option removes that problem, because they are dead in the box, however, you only can get a few in to die, so you limit the amount of kills you can make, meaning you may not really solve your problem, you just limit it.

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