Charlotte Raccoon Removal & Control

We run a professional raccoon removal company in Charlotte, NC. We specialize in the humane and permanent removal of raccoons from buildings and property. We never use poison, and instead trap and remove the animals. We also perform home repairs to keep raccoons out of your house in the future. Give us a call at 704-288-0478 seven days a week, and we will schedule a fast appointment to solve your raccoon problem.

How to get Raccoon out of your attic - Your attic is most likely the least used portion of your home. At least that is what you may think. While you and your family may not have a lot of use for it, small critters and creatures find it to be a perfect spot to set up residence. One of the most likely culprits to make your attic his or her new home is the raccoon something, I assure you, that you do not want.

Raccoons may seem like wonderful, cute little animals that look so cute with their bandit’s masks and bushy tails; however the reality is that these masks say more about their true character than their cute fuzzy tails. These critters are trouble in the making, and a wanted poster should be issued for their immediate capture, dead or alive!

Ok, maybe a posse is not needed to be sent out to track these beasts down and bring them to justice, but you surely should see them as public enemy No. 1 to your home. Raccoons cause a huge mess, and their feces often contain parasites and bacteria that can be hazardous to your whole family, even to breath. Add to it the fact that raccoons often carry rabies and you can see why it is so important to rid these varmints from your home. It’s time for a showdown at the OK Corral that is your attic, and you want to be the winner, riding these critters from your home.

But just how is this accomplished? That is a good question. You may not have a lot of money to hire someone to come out and remove the raccoons. These services can be rather costly and, truthfully, they may be unnecessary. You can have success in getting rid of them all on your own.

Your first step before scurrying the varmint from your home is to find how they are getting in. Their access in is going to be their pathway out, and you want to make sure that leaving is what they do. You also want to know where this is at, so after you send that critter packing you can sure he or she won’t be coming back.

If you find that there could be multiple access points and you are not sure which may be the entryway, there is a quick and easy way to find out. Take some wadded up newspaper and put it in each hole. If you find that one has been moved then you have found your entryway, the key to Charlotte raccoon removal.

Once you have found the entryway go to a pet store and buy a one-way door. These are specialty doors that allow for easy access in but not out. In this case it would be out, but not in. You put the door in and when the Charlotte raccoon leaves to get out, it cannot get back in.

Your next step is to speed up the process of getting them out of your home. Raccoons do not like loud noises. One of the reasons they chose your attic is because it is probably the quietest place in your home. So start with a little loud music. Hey, it worked for Manuel Noriega, and it can work for you here. Put a speaker or two into your attic and make your attic the newest venue for your favorite artist.

If you find that the loud music is not enough to send the raccoon packing, then it is time to up the annoyance. Next, turn to bright lights. Raccoons like to be mysterious, so if you shine several bright lights into the attic it will make the room too uncomfortable. This is best done just before dusk. If it is much lighter inside your home than it is outside then they are sure to run.

Once you have driven them out make sure that you properly seal their entryway so they cannot return. You will also need to do a thorough cleaning of the area they inhabited. Just because they are gone does not mean the parasites and bacteria are. You will need to clean this thoroughly to prevent a health risk to your family (See our posts on cleaning up after a raccoon has come to visit).

There is one ethical aspect to this we need to add. You can determine how you feel about this and take action as you see necessary. If the raccoon living in your attic is a mother with babies, shooing the mother away will likely be a death wish for her babies. The babies cannot survive without the mother. If she is gone they are dead. If this bothers you and you can bear it, then wait a couple of weeks before you implement your plan so the babies are old enough to survive without her, and can leave when she does.

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