Charlotte Bat Removal & Control

Charlotte Bat Control: The key to bat control is in identifying and sealing shut all bat entry points. But first, all of the bats must be removed, and none of them harmed, as it is against the law. We completely remove the entire bat colony from the building, and we 100% bat-proof the home so that they, and now new bats, can ever get back inside. We remove all of the droppings that they have left behind, and decontaminate the area they roosted in. Bat removal is specialty work, and it takes a great deal of experience to do it properly.

We run a professional bat removal company in Charlotte, NC. We specialize in the humane and permanent removal of bats from buildings and property. We never use poison, and instead trap and remove the animals. We also perform home repairs to keep bats out of your house in the future. Give us a call at 704-288-0478 seven days a week, and we will schedule a fast appointment to solve your bat problem.

The below article is NOT something we condone. We humanely exclude the bats alive and do not harm a single one.

How to Kill a Bat - You may be a pacifist at heart, but if you have problems with bats, your kindness and willingness to let the living live in peace can quickly disintegrate. These creatures are simply horrible and because they carry so much disease, getting rid of them has to be a high priority.

You have to also consider that bats love to live in communities, so your attic, shed, garage, or under your deck may become the perfect home for these horrible creatures. With all of these bats making up residence in or around your home, you will soon find that your beautiful home turns into a house of horrors. With the horrific squealing them make at night, the waste that they drop all over below where they sleep, and the way that they endanger your pets and family with disease, it is easy to see why getting rid of them would be a top priority.

This makes killing the bats the best option available. Trying to trap them, especially if there is a large number can be dangerous and just not feasible. The bats can bite you and give you rabies, or if you have 70 or 80 living around your home that is an impossible job to try to get them all trapped and get them to stay away. It just doesn’t work.

Death is the only remedy that creates a permanent solution. If death is the way you have chosen, then start with the idea that poison is your best friend here. The one challenge with poison is that bats prefer to eat meet. Not all of them do, but most are not digging around your garbage looking for leftover salad or marshmallows like a possum would do. They want meat and it is hard to have a poisoned rat wandering around that the bat will eat.

This means you have to get creative in your implementation of the poison. The best way to accomplish this is to put the poison in with some kind of red meat that the bat will be attracted to. These critters have a very strong sense of smell, and so what you are looking for is something that has a strong smell to it that will easily attract the bats. Red meat is ideal for this, even if it is a little past its prime. The meat can even be a little spoiled and still do the trick.

The one problem with poison is the obvious one. If bats are attracted to it, then so are bats, dogs, raccoons, possums, and other little critters. You may not mind if some dumb skunk or squirrel eats your food and dies, but if little Felix or Spot gets a hold of it and dies, you may think your plan stinks. It will be too late to do anything about that.

This is why the placement is incredibly important for Charlotte bat control. It is a good idea to put the poison in a place that you know is not assessable to your dog or cat. The top of a building, like your home or a shed, is usually the ideal place to do so.

Some people turn to a more high tech option, which really isn’t very high tech at all. An electrified mesh or wire can be a very effective tool to use, and surprisingly is not very expensive at all. You can simply buy a section of wire mesh or electrical wire and hook it to a generator. You need to then set up some bait of some kind to attract the little vermin. The bats will close in on the bait and ZAP!! Dead bat. The mesh is the most ideal of this.

If you want to do this option, you should ensure that you use a few safety measures. First of all, you need to keep this away from your pets. They, too, will go after the bait, and you don’t want fried cat or dog. That will not be any fun at all. Secondly, make sure that you check the wiring on a regular basis to make sure that a bat does not get stuck on the wire and catch fire. A continuous current is not the option you want. What you should really choose is a system where the electricity turns on and off in a regular cycle, like every second or two seconds. This will keep the electrical current from burning something up, yet will still do the damage.

Also, ensure that there are no tree branches that are close to the wiring. All it takes is a branch from a tree to swing over and catch your wire mesh and before you know it your home is on fire. Keep the area around your wire mesh clear so you avoid fires.

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