North Carolina Animal Control

The Pest Control Authority is operated by Chris, Maryanne, Mike, Josh, & Wayne. We run a professional, fully certified, licensed, and insured wildlife removal and pest control company, servicing the greater Charlotte, NC region. We solve conflicts between people and wild animals, and we also handle insect problems. We most commonly remove nuisance wildlife from homes and buildings. Whether it's squirrels in the attic or a skunk under the porch, we handle any wild animal problem. Give us a call any time, 24/7/365, and we will answer the phone, discuss your wildlife problem, give you a price estimate, and arrive at your property as soon as possible, usually same day. Our number is 704-288-0478.    
Wildlife Trapping: We are experts at North Carolina animal trapping. Each situation is different, and requires the appropriate trapping measures. We use solid-wall traps for skunks. If you've got squirrels in your attic, we don't just drop some traps on the ground. We seal up the house, install professional grade repeating traps on the squirrel entry holes, and catch all of the target animals. We are properly licensed to trap and transport wildlife, and we are always humane to wild animals. We trap skunks, squirrels, rats, mice, raccoons, opossums, groundhogs, and we even remove snakes.

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This page has information on how to get rid of squirrels, squirrels in the attic, raccoon poop, North Carolina snakes pictures, and North Carolina snakes. We deal with how to get rid of bats, North Carolina poisonous snakes, skunk trap, how to trap a skunk, poisonous snakes in North Carolina, how to get rid of skunks, and bats in the attic. We are experts at squirrels in attic, skunk poison, bats in attic, raccoon in attic, and North Carolina venomous snakes. We know how to get rid of bats in attic, and about skunk trapping, raccoon poison, and dead animal removal. If you have raccoons in attic or want to know about snakes of North Carolina, trapping skunks, or have a dead animal in wall, we can help. We have info on how to get rid of snakes, how to get rid of bats, and how to kill a skunk. Methods for snakes in North Carolina and skunk control and NC snakes. We will trap and remove raccoons in the attic, and get rid of North Carolina rats. If you need to know how to get rid of squirrels in attic or how to get rid of raccoons we are the people to talk to. If you have a squirrel in wall or dead animals in walls, we can remove them and get rid of the odor. Get rid of bats in attic and get rid of dead animal smell from a dead possum. We do not know how to kill groundhogs, because we humanely trap them and remove dangerous snakes. There's no such thing as a skunk repellant or snake poison, but we will take care of mice in attic and remove raccoon droppings. If you need help with rodents in attic or dead rat smell, or in identifying skunks in North Carolina, give us a call. Winston Salem animal control.

You can not use ammonia to get rid of squirrel. We can trap skunk, tell you how to get rid of bats in the attic, and how to trap skunk, and even how to kill skunk, but we won't do it. We love baby raccoons, but not dead animal pictures. If you have a raccoon in wall we can get it out. If you've seen a North Carolina rattlesnake, do not touch it. We work on trapping rodent and rodent repellent and clean up raccoon excrement. We trap North Carolina moles and other rodent removal. Greensboro animal control. Call us for information on snakes in NC and North Carolina's animals, because we are the Charlotte animal control you can trust. North Carolina animal control is our specialty, and we know about the types of snakes in North Carolina, and we know how to get rid of rodents as Charlotte pest control. We decontaminate possum poop, know how to get rid of a rodent, and about mice attic. It's not spelled right, but how to get rid of raccoons, poisonous snake pictures and North Carolina snake. We are professional experts for mice in walls and venomous snakes of North Carolina. We don't perform bat extermination, because we humanely remove them - the same goes for how we get rid of raccoons. Do you know how to get mice out of the attic? We do, we are the rodent North Carolina experts. Wilmington animal control. We offer snake prevention and we know what to do with rats in house. Our raccoon extermination consists of trapping and removal and raccoon control attic is one of our specialties. If you have noises in the attic, it might be a North Carolina rat and we will kill rodent pest. North Carolina raccoon are abundant. Dead rat smell is common with rats in the house, especially if you use poison. How to get rid of rat or rat in the wall or dead rat in wall? Give us a call! We offer yard mole removal and other lawn services. North Carolina opossum is one of the animals that we handle, and we also perform rodent extermination and trap mice in the attic. When it comes to getting rid of racoons in the attic, we are the best. We won't tell you how to kill bats, because we humanely exclude and remove them. Durham animal control.

We handle all North Carolina rodents, from flying squirrels to groundhogs. If you've got a dead mouse in wall, or want to know how to keep mice out of attic in Mecklenburg county North Carolina animal control, call us. We will get rid of rodent and trap rodents so you won't end up with dead animal in attic. We can identify the native snakes of North Carolina and offer safe snake removal. You'll have a horrible smell if you've got a dead animal in wall of house or dead rat in the wall. We will remove baby raccoons in attic, and our rodent deterrent methods will keep them out for good. We handle many of North Carolina's common animals, and take care of attic noises and mice in the walls. If you need to know how to keep pigeons away in Charlotte, or Winston Salem animal control, we are the best company to hire. Attic mice and rats, how to trap rodents, dead animal removal carcass, getting rid of mice in the attic, North Carolina mice - we handle it all. There is no such thing as bat poison, but there is such a thing as a dead animal under house. Raleigh animal control. If you hear baby raccoon noises, you've probably got them in your attic. You don't want to set rodent traps for them, they should be removed by hand. For methods on how to get a raccoon out of your house, call us, and we'll take care of it. We offer snake repellant and get rid of critters in attic, for we are animal control Charlotte NC. If you know how to trap a rodent or about snake removal, we might have an employment opportunity in animal control in North Carolina or Raleigh Durham, Greensboro or Winston Salem, or Fayetteville. The improper spelling: how to get rid of squirrels. Attic bats are a common critter problem that we deal with. And if you have noises in attic, then it could be Norway rats, mice, a mouse, raccoons, squirrels, bats, or pigeons. We service southeast North Carolina.

We service the greater Charlotte North Carolina area including the towns of Matthews, Monroe, Gastonia, Mount Holly, Huntersville, and more. Call us any time for professional wildlife pest animal control in Charlotte.