Flying Squirrel Prevention

Are you tired of Charlotte flying squirrels invading your house? Are you tired of those ugly noises and the bad odor that gives you a headache? Never mind! You are not the only one fighting this challenge. There are already thousands of people across the globe struggling to get rid of these beings. They are so irritating that it is better to handle ten toddlers than handle a single North Carolina squirrel. They are very much uncontrollable and very active in a way that you can’t buy yourself a time to rest. And it is actually possible to keep them away. The following are some of the ways.

Avoid Trees
Flying squirrels live in the trees and they usually travel from place to place by climbing trees and jumping from one tree to the other. You reduce their chance of arrival if you get rid of trees. However, you may not want to completely cut your trees away. Therefore it would be wise if you only cut the trees that are much closer to your house. A better solution would be if you cut away branches that are nearer to the attic. If you fail to do that, then Charlotte flying squirrels won’t have a hard time jumping into your attic from a tree branch. Doing this is as important as sealing any openings in your house.

Clean the House
Cleaning your house is one of the easiest ways to get rid of North Carolina flying squirrels. Even if it does not completely avoid them, it highly reduces their chance of getting into your house. The major reason a squirrel gets into someone’s house is to find food. If you make it impossible for them to access food then they have no good excuse to visit your house. Make sure to have a well maintained sewage disposal. Don’t throw away any eatable thing even in smaller pieces.

Enclose Your Garden
It might be a challenge if you have a garden. Squirrels may enjoy your fruits and vegetables from the comfort of your garden without wandering in the wild. Having an open garden not only invites the unwanted animal into your house, but also ends up costing you your hard labored work get destroyed in vain. Once the area gets spotted by one Charlotte flying squirrel, it would no longer be a single squirrel that visits your house. Rather you will get your house invaded by a group of flying squirrels ending up in your house by following the very first flying squirrel that discovered your beautiful garden.

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