A Dead Animal Inside the Air Conditioning Ductwork

If you are feeling any kind of decomposing odor coming from inside or outside of the house, you have to rely on your strong sense of smell to find out the exact location of the dead animals if it is really present. In the beginning the odor is not too strong or stinking but as the time passes it gets even stronger. Usually it gets much stronger after three days of the death of the Charlotte animal. Locating the dead animal is also very important especially when one has to carry out its removal and decontamination. If the animal has died inside the wall or duct, then there is a problem because the animal may decompose away giving rise to a strong odor and also releases a lot of germs and infestation. Secondly if the animal has died in the open duct or vent of the air conditioning system, then there may not be much problem because in this case there is at least one way of getting rid of the foul smell and one can also hope of getting the body of the North Carolina animal safely as well.

Removing the dead animal
There are many instances when the wildlife removal experts get calls for help and they are told about the cases of animals found dead in the air conditioning ducts or vents which are either open or closed. Sometimes the animals also make their ways through these ducts into the interior by ripping off the openings of ducts. According to expert observations, it has been explained with great concern that the cases of finding dead animals are far more in the air conditioning ducts as compared to any other place in the house. Moreover the animals usually found in these places are larger like opossums and raccoons. There are very rare cases of observing a small animal like a rat or squirrel or a bat dead in these locations.

Another important aspect which should be considered with great concern is that the dead animals are usually found in these educts and vents in winters. There are very rare cases when these animals are found dead during summers because these ducts and vents are functional during summers which consequently reduce the risk of any Charlotte animal getting trapped. However the exceptions can never be excluded. Therefore if a foul decomposing smell is coming from your house and you are not sure of its location, then you should first check the air conditioning ducts and vents of your house.

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