Mecklenburg County Animal Control

If you have a problem with a dog or a cat, call: 704-336-3786
(This is a FREE service)


If you have a problem with a wild animal, call: 704-288-0478
(This is NOT FREE service)

Yes, if you have a problem with a domestic animal, such as a dog or a cat, call Mecklenburg County Animal Services. They can assist, for free, with problems involving stray pet issues and pet complaints. Some of the common complaints that the county handles include problems with loud barking dogs, cases of pet neglect, stay cats, stray dogs, dangerous dogs or pit-bulls, pet vaccinations, pet adoptions, lost dogs, lost cats, and things of that matter.

If you need help with in Meckenburg County wildlife removal, or animals such as raccoons, skunks, opossums, bats, rats, mice, moles, foxes, groundhogs, or squirrels, the county will not help out for free, or at all. The county doesn't handle wildlife problems in Charlotte NC. You must hire a professional wildlife trapper company - they will do a better job than the county ever could. Suppose you have a raccoon in your attic - the county won't remove the baby animals from the attic, they won't find the entry hole(s) the raccoon has ripped open on the roof and repair them, they won't fix the damage the raccoon has caused in the attic, they won't clean up the biohazard poop it has left behind, they won't trap the target animal properly, etc etc. Wildlife control is an entirely different matter than pet control, and with many different facets and risks, such as rabies, crawling in attics, on roofs, performing damage repairs, and so on.

Advice - What to do if a wild animal is eating pet food
If you have a wild animal that keeps eating your pet food, you need to start taking steps to prevent this from happening. Once a wild animal, whether it is a raccoon, a skunk, a stray cat, or any other animal, has recognized your home as a food source, it will come back again and again, and although at first, this animal will be a novelty to you and your family, in the end it could prove to be a real pain in the backside! As well as destroying your yard, stealing your petís food, and generally making a nuisance of them, these wild animals can bring so much more to the party, including disease, nibbling the foundations of your home and much more.

Of course, one of the most obvious things that you need to do to stop wild animal in Meckenburg County NC from eating your pet food is to move the food to a place that the animal itself canít get to. Step number one Ė move the pet food from outside to inside. This may take a bit of working out, especially if your cat or dog is more of an outside animal, but it will be worth it to ensure that they get the whole of their meal, rather than just the leftovers that the wild animal didnít want!

Another great tip that you can use is to make sure that you never leave food lying around. Try to get into the habit of feeding your cat or dog, letting it eat as much as it needs to, and then putting the leftover food away. This will be better for your animal as leftovers wonít be getting spoiled or attracting flies and rodents, and will also be a step in the right direction to prevent the wild animal from getting at it.

One of the main problems with some of the smaller wild animals is that they can often get to the same places that your cat or dog can, so occasionally, moving the feeding ritual inside may not always work as the best method, simply because the creature will slip and out of your home via a dog or cat door, while you are not looking. There is a way around this, of course, and that is to use one of the special doggy (or cat) doors that have a sensor which is attached to your petís collar. This means that the door will only open when your pet is within a certain radius, and wonít open when the wild animal tries to get in. These can be expensive, but are well worth the money, especially if you have a recurrent problem with wild animals or strays in your neighborhood.

One thing it is well worth mentioning when you are trying to keep these wild critters away from your home and yard is that the repellants that you see on the internet and in stores very rarely work. There are sprays and even electronic gadgets that you can buy, and if you speak to a wildlife professional, they will usually tell you not to waste your money, simply because they rarely function as they should, and when they do, the animals soon get used to them and become immune. If you do ever have any questions on preventing wildlife in your home and yard, or about Meckenburg County animal control always speak to the professionals Ė they really do know what they are talking about!